SpellDial has Privacy Options!

For those of us lucky enough to have stalkers or paparazzi constantly pestering us with calls, emails or text messages, SpellDial can become our worst nightmare. No matter how many times we may change our number, all those people have to do is grab a hold of our SpellDial name and voila the pestering begins once again. But don't lose hope! SpellDial's heart goes out to people such as these. 

Launching their newest feature, the privacy options, SpellDial becomes appealing to everyone. Yes, even you popular individuals on billboards!

The privacy settings have two options: public or private. Clicking on public will allow anyone under the sun to connect with you. However if you choose private, anyone who wants to connect with you will have to send a request (just like facebook). In addition, no options to connect with you will appear. Instead, there will be a box reading, "This user is private. Click here to request access." 

How to request access?
1. Click the box stating "Click here to request access"
2. Log in to your SpellDial account.

Once you have logged in, a request is automatically sent to that person's email. You will know your request has been granted once you are able to view their contact options. If you still cannot view their contact options after a considerable amount of time, you have probably been denied access.    

Feel safe and secure while having the privilege of connecting hassle free with SpellDial's privacy options. Try it out today! 


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