Changing the Way the WORLD Dials



SpellDial is changing the way the WORLD dials. Every nation in any language can get their own SpellDial name.

You might have heard of SpellDial already. If not, it is a system that let's people dial names literally, using a smartphone

Why are we doing this? We understand that numbers are hard to remember. We see ads with all the contact numbers to call but we barely remember the numbers whenever we need it. Besides, we know each other by name and not by our contact numbers.

Basically, SpellDial's goal is to replace numbers, vanity numbers, and phone words because numbers are, not just hard-to-remember, but also not related to our identity and have many limitations.

SpellDial launched early this year and we have registrations from more than 24 countries already.

Anyway, when we say that SpellDial is changing how the world dials, we really mean the world. How? Do you know that not only alphabet-spelled names can be dialed and registered in SpellDial? SpellDial let's you dial and register names in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other characters of the world!

So what are you waiting for? SpellDial is for everyone with a name and a number whatever language you may be using. Let your friends contact you through your name.
You can get the name that you want at


Just in case my translation software is wrong, I meant enjoy. Enjoy!

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