What is SpellDial?
          SpellDial is a technology that allows you to dial names instead of numbers. This is applicable only for those who have setup a spelldial account. Once you have checked the availability of your username you can register it to point to a specific number. So instead of dialing a number, you dial their username.
          For example, if Jonina's username is joninahottie and it points to (1234)567-8900, simply spell out her username (joninahottie) and it will immediately connect you to her. So anyone who dials joninahottie will be dialing (1234)567-8900.
          The great thing about SpellDial is if you have a change of number, all you have to do is change the number your username points to. This saves you from all the hassle of contacting your friends and telling them you have a new number.

Can I do this in my phone?
          If you own an iPhone or an Android, yes! Just download the SpellDial app, and you can start calling each other through your spelldial usernames, a.k.a. "spelldialing!"

I don't know anyone who has a spelldial. How can I use this?
          The best thing to do is to tell your friends about SpellDial so that they can create their own. Then you can easily call each other using SpellDial names.

I don't own an iPhone or an Android, can I use it on my phone?
          Currently, you cannot call others through their spelldial name if you're not using an iPhone or an Android. However, you can setup a spelldial account and people who use an iPhone or Android can contact you via your spelldial name. You can setup your account here.

The SpellDial app doesn't work when my phone is not connected to the internet. Why?
          SpellDial servers can only be accessed through the internet. Therefore, if the SpellDial app is not connected to the internet, then it cannot get the equivalent number of the spelldial you entered.
          We understand that only some parts of the world have constant internet access virtually everywhere. So we're also working to develop technology that will allow you to use SpellDial from an ordinary GSM mobile phone or even a PSTN landline. Although we don't know how long it would take, it could come sooner than you expect. So make sure that you get the SpellDial name that you want before someone else takes it.

When can I use SpellDial on my non-internet mobile phone or landline?
          Before you can use it on your non-internet mobile phone or landline, phone manufacturers and telephone networks need to add some equipment and configurations to their systems in order to provide SpellDial services. Realistically speaking, the more people who join SpellDial, the faster the companies will upgrade. Because the more people join SpellDial, the greater the demand will be on them to enable SpellDial on non-internet phones.
          So if you want to help to make this happen sooner, you can help by joining and telling more people about it. Be a part of this. Let's make this happen!

I'm a developer. Do you have an API?
          Yes, we do! You can read more about it here.