How to use SpellDial in iPhone

It's very easy to contact someone using an iPhone if they have a spelldial username - just use the SpellDial web app. 

4 Easy Steps to Install the SpellDialer Web App
  1. Using your iPhone, open Safari to "".
  2. Once it's loaded, click the "+" icon at the bottom of the Safari app, and select "Add to Homescreen". Press "Add" on the upper right of the next view. That should bring you to the Homescreen with the SpellDial App icon added.
  3. Click the SpellDial icon, and enter the spelldial username of the person or company you want to call (include country code prefix if calling internationally, eg. "us." for USA).
  4. Press "Dial!" and the SpellDial will automatically call the appropriate number. That's it! Now, wasn't that cool?! You can get your own spelldial username at, and let your friends spelldial you.
    Adding to Contacts List Hack
    1. Select a contact, and press "Edit".
    2. Select the "add URL" field, and type in "'username_goes_here'".
    3. Rename the label to a custom label named "Call Spelldial".
    4. That's it! When you want to call someone through their SpellDial, just go to your contacts and select "Call Spelldial". It should open Safari, and then prompt you to proceed with the call after a few seconds.