SpellDial for Business

SpellDial is really used best in business applications. Businesses spend a significant amount of resources in making marketing campaigns. However, contact numbers are really difficult to remember. That's why most large companies purchase phone number equivalents that correspond to their business names, eg. "1800-MYCOMPANY" and the like. However, these contact numbers still have a certain degree of difficulty in remembering.

SpellDial allows businesses to create whatever SpellDial name they prefer (given that they do not use any registered trademark name, unless it's theirs) to point to their number. This increases the ease of potential customers in contacting you whenever they feel the need to.

Studies show that by the year 2011, there will be around 1.2 Billion smartphones in the world, each of which is capable of spelldialing. So if you're serious about people being able to easily contact your business, you should get a spelldial now - before someone else takes the name you want.

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